Vestaron Announces First Product Submission to EPA

Vestaron Corporation announces submission of its first biopesticide to the Biopesticide and Pollution Prevention Division of the US EPA. Their first product, a bioinsecticide derived from natural sources, is targeted at crop-destroying chewing insects. The product submission includes use on vegetables, tree fruit and nuts, vines, turf and other non-crop areas, nurseries as well by homeowners.

This new biopesticide provides levels of control expected from commercial insecticides. The product will give specialty crop growers not only a new option for control of a major class of insect pests, but also a new mode of action to strengthen their resistance management strategy.

"It is exciting to submit a biopesticide product with a novel mode of action that can be integrated into insect resistance management programs," said Robert Kennedy, Ph.D., Vestaron's Chief Scientific Officer. "There are still many situations in which new solutions are needed for successful insect control."

The bioinsecticide recently submitted to the EPA is the first portfolio product that Vestaron has developed from its library of novel natural peptides. The company recently received notification that the submission had just passed through both the Completeness Screen and Submission Readiness Team (SRT) review. The SRT is a technical screen of the submission to determine if it is complete for routing for scientific review. This starts the clock for the legislatively mandated 16 month review.

About Vestaron Corporation
Vestaron is developing a new generation of insecticides using natural peptides. Products under development have a unique mode of action, are highly effective against insects and related pests and are harmless to non-target species, including humans. Target markets include agriculture, animal health and specialty non-crop uses such as household insects. Vestaron cleantech products will be ideally suited for the environmentally conscious twenty-first century. For more information visit